The following Faculties are available:

  1. Faculty of Clinical Pharmacy
  2. Faculty of Community Pharmacy
  3. Faculty of Drug Production and Quality Assurance
  4. Faculty of Public Health Pharmacy
  5. Faculty of Social and Administrative Pharmacy

A Faculty is made up of Fellows of the College in that particular specialty.

A Faculty shall elect the following officers to run its affair:

  • Chairman
  • Vice Chairman and,
  • Secretary

Duties of Faculties

  • To promote professional training and standards of practice in their specialties
  • To prescribe curricula for postgraduate professional training in their specialties.
  • Be responsible for the Diploma and Certificate programs of their Faculties in
  • collaboration with the College.
  • To recommend Examiners to the Joint Faculty Board.

Faculty Chairperson

  1. Clinical Pharmacy: Prof N N Wannang
  2. Community Pharmacy: Dr. C C Onyia
  3. Drug Production and Quality Assurance: Pharm B Botwe
  4. Public Health Pharmacy: Dr. O Awodele
  5. Social and Administrative Pharmacy: Dr. W C N Johnson


There is a National Chapter of the College in each member Country.

These Countries are:

  • The Gambia
  • Ghana
  • Liberia
  • Nigeria
  • Sierra Leone

Each Chapter consists of Fellows of the College in the member country.

Officers of National Chapters

The officers of each National Chapter shall include:

  • Chapter Chairman
  • Chapter Vice Chairman
  • Chapter Secretary
  • Chapter Treasurer
  • Chapter Editor (Editor-in-Chief)
  • Immediate Past Chapter Chairman

Composition, Power and Duties of Chapters

  • To meet at least, once a year
  • To carry out activities which are designed to further the aims and objectives of the College within the Chapter
  • To collect annual dues and any other subscription for and on behalf of the College
  • To present report to Council through Joint Faculty Board
  • To make bye laws in line with the aims and objectives of the College.

Admission Basic Requirements

To be eligible to enter the Primary Fellowship program, a candidate must:

  • Be a registered pharmacist in a member country of WAHO or have a registrable qualification
  • Have at least three (3) years post-basic qualification experience
  • Apply for admission and pay the prescribed fee.

Duration of Course

  • Primary: One (1) year
  • Part I: Two (2) years
  • Part II: At least two (2) years

Candidates must attend at least two update lectures to qualify for Primary examination.

Having successfully completed Primary examination, a candidate proceeds to Part I whereby he/she will attend at least four update lectures to qualify for examination.


Candidates with relevant postgraduate or professional qualifications may be exempted from Primary update lectures and examinations. Such candidates shall apply and forward their transcripts to the College for evaluation and exemption fee shall apply.

Staying on the Programme

  • A registered candidate to the programme should maintain the studentship continually throughout the duration of the programme.
  • A candidate who fails to renew his/her registration in a year is deemed to have voluntarily withdrawn from the programme. Such a candidate may be re-instated following due application made to the Secretary General within not more than two (2) years of absence; after which the admission is deemed to have lapsed.
  • A candidate that wishes to temporarily withdraw for a period of not more than one (1) year should make a formal application and gain approval in order to retain the admission.
  • A Part II Fellowship student who has passed Part II theory examinations (final) is required to defend the project that same year or the next year. If such a student fails to successfully defend the project the subsequent year, such a candidate will be required to rewrite the theory examinations and also defend the project.
  • A candidate who wishes to defer Dissertation defence should apply one month before the examination.  
  • A candidate who fails to successfully defend the Dissertation will repeat the Dissertation the next year.