The west African Postgraduate College of Pharmacists is a professional college commissioned through an ECOWAS Protocol (A/P2/7/87) to advance the knowledge and skills of practicing Pharmacists and also to assist in the harmonization of Pharmacy practice and regulation in the west African region.
Membership of the college spans through countries in West Africa like Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone and the Gambia. Each of these countries has a national chapter made up of fellows of the college. The Nigeria chapter comprises of fellows of the college that are résident and practice in Nigeria. The chapter in collaboration with the college and the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria implements the aims and objectives of the college. The organs through which the.

Nigeria chapter functions are;

1) The Executive committee
2) The council
3) The zones/zonal coordinators.
The chapter functions through a zonal structure that enables zonal coordinators administer smaller groups of fellows for effective running of the Chapter. The zonal Executive organize and execute the activities of their zones which are reported to the Chapter on a quarterly basis.
The council, made up of the Exco, the zonal coordinators and the council members of WAPCP Nigeria chapter extraction work towards the realization of the objectives of the chapter.
The Executive committee that coordinates the activities/practice of all fellows in the chapter is currently constituted as follows;

Executive Commitee Members

The Nigeria chapter is glad to announce that the 35th AGM & Scientific symposium of the college will hold in Paynesville City, Liberia from 20th to 24th March, 2023 and arrangements are on to give the college a very unique conference. You are all cordially invited.