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WAPCP Online Payment

This platform is designed for direct payments into WAPCP accounts. For payments in Nigeria naira, InterSwitch enabled Card issued by all banks on the network or International Verve and MasterCard is required. However, for payments in US dollars, valid International Credit/Debit Card is required.

All fees paid by Prospective Students are in Nigeria Naira but some fees for Old and New Students are in US dollars. However, all fees for Fellows are in US dollars. Students and Fellows are advised to read through the schedule of fees before making any payment. Those who need to pay their fees in both Naira and US dollars will need to return to this page after making payment in one currency for the second currency.  Click on the appropriate link below to make payment.

Refund Policy

College fees are not refundable. However, if the fees for which payment has been made include products you are not 100% satisfied with, you can return your order for exchange for something else within 3 months from the purchase date. Each returned or exchanged product must be in the condition you received it and in the original package.


The Secretary-General

West African Postgraduate College of Pharmacists

6 Taylor Drive, Medical Compound, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria

Email: Tel: +234-803-781-1677


What to do if you do not have the correct Credit or Debit Card?

You may go to your bank to make a request for a Interswitch enabled or International debit/credit card.

What to do when the transaction is Successful?

Print out your transaction report and kept for future reference.

What to do when a transaction is Incomplete or Unsuccessful?

The transaction was completed but unsuccessful: Check the reason given in this transaction report why the payment was unsuccessful. You may try to make payment with another valid card.

The transaction was incomplete but the amount was debited from my account: This is rare but possible when your Internet connection fails before the transaction is completed. You can login to WAPCP website,  click on “My Online Payment History” link,  and then from the list of payments, click on “View Status” Link for the payment with Empty Status and Response.

If the payment has been made to WAPCP account, the status will automatically be displayed from Interswitch’s Record. You can then send an email to WAPCP ( or specifying the Transaction Reference and OrderID numbers for the correction to be made. Remember to print the report displayed for your reference