To produce a middle cadre of specialists who will be conversant with recent developments and modern advances in pharmaceutical sciences, pharmaceutical practice, and pharmaceutical care. They will be able to communicate the acquired knowledge and skills in the advancement of pharmacy and its practice. They will also be able to reflect their acquired knowledge and skills in improved professional behavior and practice in the region and other parts of the world, translating into improved quality of service rendered to our people.


The undergraduate pharmacy program is a very broad program with a generalist underpinning. Full time postgraduate degree program is often difficult for many pharmacists except those who seek career in academia or industry. Therefore, the need for short-term diploma courses on a part time basis becomes imperative if pharmacists are to update their skills and specialize in specific areas in order to improve overall delivery of value to serve the individual/patient and the community at large.


This shall consist of nine months of lectures; two months of practical attachment in an accredited Hospital Pharmacy/Community Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry/Faculty of Pharmacy and one month of revision followed by examination.


The candidate must be a pharmacist (or a graduate of Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Microbiology in the case of Diploma in Quality Assurance) from a recognized University with at least two (2) years post basic qualification experience.